rust preventative cleaning solutions

JC 1150C

Water soluble. Short term corrosion inhibition. Specific formulation for use in rinse tanks to provide protection prior to PVD coating.

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JC 1150C Highlights

  • Low foaming water soluble corrosion inhibitor
  • Specifically designed to be used in rinse stations to provide corrosion protection prior to PVD coating
  • Prevents flash rusting
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Dries down to a non-tacky residue
  • Borate free
  • parts rust prevention icon


    Immersion and Spray Systems

  • Concentration

    0.5-5% (normal range 0.5-1.0%)

  • Temperature


  • Rinse


  • Dry


  • Appearance

    Clear, straw colored liquid

  • PH Range


  • Specific Gravity

    1.02-1.03 g/mL at 25°C (77°F)

  • Water Soluble


Suitable for Industrial Cleaning Needs

Surface Applications

Steel, stainless steel, carbide