High-Performance Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Trust chemistries specifically designed to work in both new equipment and legacy systems

Ultrasonic Industrial All Products

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Formulated for Industrial Cleaning

JAYCO products provide exceptional cleaning solutions for a wide variety of soils and substrate materials specifically formulated for industrial cleaning.

The Right Industrial Cleaning Solutions

For Every Industry

Ineffective cleaning solutions can impact your processing times, productivity and safety. You need cleaning solutions you can trust to meet the strictest standards without adding to processing time.

You can trust JAYCO to deliver the cleaning power you need in any industry. Our lineup of products efficiently handles spray cleaning, ultrasonic and immersion, vibratory tumbling, rust prevention, maintenance cleaning and more.

Contact JAYCO Chemical Solutions today for a technical consultation and let us solve your toughest cleaning problems.

Prioritize Employee Safety

VOC-free and biodegradable cleaning solutions minimize exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Better for your people and the planet.


Longer Bath Life and Reduced Water Consumption

Time is money: JAYCO’s industrial cleaning solutions work fast while providing enhanced cleaning performance. Maximize efficiency for faster processing. Our biodegradable, surface-active technology provides maximum cleaning with significantly reduced rinse water consumption. A long bath life means consistent performance, whether it’s your first batch or your 100th. Concentrated solutions allow you to use less and save money.

Meet OSHA Requirements

With so much on your plate, you don’t want to worry about meeting regulations. JAYCO products make it easy to ensure strict compliance with OSHA standards for occupational health and safety.