Your Guide for Today’s
Precision Cleaning

Our team delivers precision cleaning solutions you can depend on for unsurpassed results

Because You’re Not Just Buying Chemicals

The JAYCO team is dedicated to developing chemical solutions that are specifically formulated to optimize and enhance the performance of advanced equipment – giving you the high quality results you deserve.

We also care about your workers and the world around us, so we eliminate or substantially reduce the use of hazardous base chemicals, toxic substances and solvents. And, we help you save water by providing solutions with superior rinsability.

You Shouldn't Have to Settle for Less

We understand that ineffective medical, industrial and optics cleaning solutions could be affecting your productivity – and ultimately your bottom line and reputation. You need cleaning and mass-finishing solutions that allow you to meet strict  standards with minimal processing time. You can trust JAYCO to deliver the clean you need in a wide array of industries. We care about our customers and it shows in our reduced use of hazardous and toxic substances and solvents. Get powerful results you can depend on. 

  • Aqueous Parts Cleaning Solution Expert Knowledge

    Expert Process Knowledge

    Decades of experience with both equipment and chemistry

  • Aqueous Parts Cleaning Solution Chemistries

    Next Gen Cleaning Chemistries

    Technology driven innovation for today’s newest contaminants

  • Aqueous Parts Cleaning Solution Customer Service

    Excellent Customer Service

    Ultra high-touch customer service

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Only the best chemistries and processes provide a precision cleaning solution.

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The expertise you need for the most efficient clean in every application.

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Our customer service goes above and beyond to offer responsive support.

Executive Team

Jay Nawani

Jay Nawani

Brian Sutton

Brian Sutton

Vice President of Operations
Steve Cramer

Steve Cramer

VP Applications Engineering and Sales
Andrea West

Andrea West

Accounting and Business Manager
JAYCO team

Rod Morgenstern

Project Engineer
industrial cleaning solutions team at JAYCO

Cleaning and Finishing Partners

We are dedicated to developing and offering the chemical solutions you need to optimize and enhance performance. Count on JAYCO for a wide variety of industrial cleaning solutions, mass finishing chemicals and precision cleaning solutions, including passivation, ultrasonic and accelerated finishing chemicals.

Responsive Support

We offer unrivaled, high-touch support and advisory services to help you choose the best products for your unique applications. We look forward to discussing your needs and helping you achieve better results than ever before.

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Unique Formulations, Fast Shipping

We offer more than 100 unique formulations for unique industrial precision cleaning solutions. Your success is important to us: 97 percent of orders are shipped within 48 hours so you can keep meeting your goals.