Water-Soluble Corrosion
Inhibitors for Metals

Modern formulations that provide corrosion
protection for your aqueous cleaning process.

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    Water-Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors

    JAYCO's low foam water-based corrosion inhibitors provide short-term and long-term rust protection. Our additive fluids
    are highly concentrated and provide excellent cast iron chip and humidity protection.

JC 1050C

JC 1050C

General purpose water-soluble short term corrosion inhibitor. Low foaming. Economical.

JC 1150C

JC 1150C

Water soluble. Short term corrosion inhibition. Specific formulation for use in rinse tanks to provide protection prior to PVD coating.

JC 1250N

JC 1250N

Sodium Nitrite based water soluble short term corrosion inhibitor. Low foaming.

JC 1350C

JC 1350C

High performance water-soluble rust preventative for short to medium term corrosion inhibition. Specifically designed to provide humidity cabinet protection. Low foaming.

JC 15501C

JC 1550C

Highly concentrated, water soluble, in-process or short-term storage corrosion inhibitor. Suitable for aluminum, copper, and brass.

JC 1650C

JC 1650C

Water based, low foaming, short term and in-process inhibitor. Amine-Borate based formula.

JC 1850C

JC 1850C

Low foaming water soluble corrosion inhibitor with excellent humidity protection. Designed for use on steel and iron for short and medium term storage.

Anti-Corrosion Solutions for a Range of Industries

  • Aerospace and Defense

  • Freight and Logistics

  • Airlines

  • Building Products

  • Commercial Supplies

  • Machinery

  • Manufacturing

  • Road and Rail

  • Distributors

  • Medical

  • Optics

  • Transportation

  • Infrastructure

  • Engineering

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Construction

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Save Time and Money With Precision Treatments

Choosing the right corrosion inhibitors is a vital part of the manufacturing process. Selecting the right product comes down to both the metal type and level of protection required. 

  • Water-based: Provides lower levels of protection against corrosion 

These protective coatings are designed to create a protective barrier between the metal surface and any material that can cause corrosion. Increased resistance to this process will protect your machinery and equipment in environments that are outdoors or in wet and humid areas.

The Protection and Prevention You Deserve

Proprietary formulations for advanced anti-corrosion processes

Inhibiting rust and oxides is crucial to metal finishing and manufacturing operations. Our engineers can help your company identify the most cost-effective and economical solution to meet the needs and goals of your organization and internal processes.

Because our team is always improving and developing new products and technologies, you can count on premium quality and innovation from JAYCO year after year.

Wide Range of Use Cases Across Almost Any Industry

With no supply chain baggage and limitations of old school chemistries that weigh down other chemical suppliers, JAYCO’s formulations are technology-driven, cutting edge and can be used for both new and older machines.

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Prioritize Safety and Sustainability

With JAYCO’s unique formulations, you can reduce your employees’ exposure to hazardous chemicals.

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Trust the Top Industrial Manufacturer of Rust Inhibitors

From our low-foaming general purpose solution to our high-humidity protection inhibitors, JAYCO has a wide range of products engineered for maximum protection. Every solution is extensively tested and quality controlled for both efficacy and safety. 

JAYCO is an industry leader in corrosion prevention for industrial companies, from large manufacturing plants to small facilities.

We are proud to have over 20 years of experience and understanding of intricate industrial, medical and optics applications. We’ll work directly with you and your team to understand your needs and provide individualized solutions.

Browse our extensive list of products to see our capabilities. Contact JAYCO Chemical Solutions today for a technical consultation.