Industrial Degreaser for
Heavy Duty Applications

Concentrated cleaners remove grease and oil from equipment and floors.
Safe for workers and the environment.

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    Industrial Degreasers

    Professional formula general cleaners, floor cleaners or defoamers for heavy duty soil removal from most any surface.
    Gallon and drum sizes available.

J Clean 50

J-Clean 50

Dilutable multipurpose degreaser for general maintenance cleaning applications.

J Clean 50RX

J-Clean 50RX

Ready to use multipurpose degreaser for general maintenance cleaning. Works well in tub and drum applications.

JC10 Floor Cleaner

JC 10 Floor Cleaner

Alkaline based product using new surface-active technology. Used in general purpose, floor scrubbers, and wet mop applications.

JC20 Floor Cleaner

JC 20 Floor Cleaner

High alkaline heavy-duty floor cleaner formulated to clean oil and stubborn floor residues in floor scrubbers and wet mop applications.

JC Defoamer 10

JC Defoamer 10

General purpose defoamer for many industrial applications. It is effective in a wide range of pH’s and operating temperatures. Used in plant manufacturing, wastewater, and effluent control.

Cleaning Heavy Equipment and Floors For Any Industry

  • Aerospace and Defense

  • Freight and Logistics

  • Airlines

  • Building Products

  • Commercial Supplies

  • Machinery

  • Manufacturing

  • Road and Rail

  • Distributors

  • Medical

  • Optics

  • Transportation

  • Infrastructure

  • Engineering

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Construction

industrial cleaning solutions by JAYCO

A Well-Maintained Facility Is Critical to Smooth Operations

JAYCO designs powerful cleaning solutions with challenging conditions in mind. We understand that sophisticated regulations and requirements from governing authorities like OSHA must be adhered to strictly.

Advanced Technology, Proprietary Formulations

Maintain safe and clean working environments

With world-class chemical engineering teams, JAYCO is pioneering powerful next-gen cleaning technology that is both safe and effective. Our experts are constantly developing new and improved technologies to assist businesses in better-maintaining their work environments. Whether your company operates in a small shop or has millions of square feet, proper maintenance cleaning is vital to sustaining a safe and clean environment. 

Lead With Sustainability

Modern, eco-friendly maintenance cleaners minimize your organization’s environmental impact while tackling tough jobs.

green cleaning solutions

Make OSHA Compliance Easy

Industrial companies must ensure strict compliance with OSHA’s standards for occupational health and safety. Our products make abidance to regulations easy and keep your employees safe.