The Precision Clean You Need

Cutting-edge aqueous parts cleaning solution chemistries you can depend on for unsurpassed results

Wanting More From Your Cleaning Chemistries?

  • Are you scrambling for cleaning products that are readily available?
  • Do you feel frustrated by ineffective aqueous parts cleaning solution chemistries that waste time, money and resources? 
  • Do you want innovative cleaning solutions that won’t break your budget?
If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

You Shouldn't Have to Settle for Less

We understand that ineffective medical, industrial and optics cleaning solutions could be affecting your productivity – and ultimately your bottom line and reputation. You need cleaning and mass-finishing solutions that allow you to meet strict  standards with minimal processing time. You can trust JAYCO to deliver the clean you need in a wide array of industries. We care about our customers and it shows in our reduced use of hazardous and toxic substances and solvents. Get powerful results you can depend on. 

Rinse Water Savings Per Use
Customer Satisfaction and Retention
Orders Shipped Within 48 Hours

Unmatched Performance

Long bath life with consistent, effective results from your first batch to your 100th

Wide Range of Products

Meeting precision cleaning requirements in medical, optics,  industrial and more

Unique Capabilities

Our experience with building cleaning equipment guides our chemistry development

What's the real cost of using ineffective chemistries?

Between today’s supply chain challenges and tight labor market, you can’t afford inefficient processes or rework. Your reputation and profitability rely on the highest efficacy in precision cleaning. 

Not having proven solutions designed for today’s cleaning and vibratory tumbling operations could be costing you a great deal. Contact JAYCO Chemical Solutions today.

View Manufacturing Chemicals as a Necessary Evil?

Understanding environmental net impact calls for a new perspective

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