Cutting-Edge Mass Finishing Chemicals

Enhance your vibratory tumbling compounds finishing operations with technology-driven formulations.

Addressing Tough Challenges in a Variety of Industries

  • Aerospace and Defense

  • Freight and Logistics

  • Airlines

  • Building Products

  • Commercial Supplies

  • Machinery

  • Manufacturing

  • Road and Rail

  • Distributors

  • Medical

  • Optics

  • Transportation

  • Infrastructure

  • Engineering

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Construction

vibratory tumbling compounds

Save Time and Money With Efficient Surface Finishing

You have to balance streamlining operations with the need to meet demanding specifications. Trust JAYCO’s vibratory tumbling chemicals to:

  • Remove oils and greases.
  • Offer important protection from corrosion and rust.
  • Add lubricity to the finishing process for improved burnishing
  • Helps reduce residues from plastic media
  • Remove scale and oxides.
  • Keeps media clean so it can do the work

What Challenges Are You Facing Now?

We designed our innovative chemistries for a wide range of use cases. Our experience with developing precision cleaning and vibratory tumbling detergents gives us an edge. And, unlike other companies, we can ship products to you fast so you don’t miss a beat in your mass finishing operations.

Exclusive Technical Assistance at Your Facility

Multifaceted challenges deserve premium support. With personalized service, our company doesn’t just send off your shipment and check a box. Industry-leading onsite support programs make JAYCO a partner you’ll want by your side for the long haul.

cleaning solutions facility

Surface Active Technology, Unbeatable Surface Finishing

Our innovative cleaning, descaling and deburring compounds have been developed through advanced formulation processes by experienced chemists. Our engineers can help your company identify the most effective and economical way to meet the needs and goals of your organization.

We’re constantly improving and developing new products and technologies, so you can always count on premium quality from JAYCO year after year.

Safer Products for Employees and the Environment

Reducing the use of hazardous chemicals is a top priority. Our formulations are designed for both tough applications and sustainability. With our high-tech finishing chemicals, companies can achieve results with less exposure to hazardous chemistries.