vibratory tumbling compound

JC 839L

Mildly acidic compound. Premium liquid product containing a blend of mild acids and
surface-active agents to reduce RA surface value on steel substrates. JC 839L uses a two-step process sequence along with JC 680B.

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JC 839L Highlights

  • Blend of mildly acidic compounds and surface active agents
  • Reduces RA surface values on steel substrates
  • Biodegradable
  • Uses a two-step process sequence along with JC 680B.
  • Liquid product makes automatic feeding easy.
  • v2 surface finishing icon


    Vibratory and Centrifugal

  • Concentration

    10-65% (normal range 50-65%)

  • Temperature


  • Rinse


  • Dry


  • Appearance

    Clear, straw colored liquid

  • PH Range


  • Specific Gravity

    1.24-1.30 g/mL at 25°C (77°F)

  • Water Soluble


Suitable for Industrial Cleaning Needs

Product Application

Accelerated finishing

Removes These Contaminants

Scale, oxides, rust

Surface Applications