Aqueous Replacing Solvent: Replacing Open Top Vapor Degreasers

Aqueous Replacing Solvent Replacing Open Top Vapor Degreasers - JAYCO

Replacing an open-top vapor degreasing process with an aqueous solution is not only an environmentally responsible choice but also a necessity considering the increased scrutiny placed by the US EPA on solvents like nPB (n-Propyl Bromide), TCE (Trichloroethylene), and Perc (Perchloroethylene). These solvents have been determined to pose an unreasonable risk to human health and the environment, prompting the need for safer and more sustainable alternatives. Aqueous replacing solvent cleaning solutions provide a viable and compliant option for achieving effective degreasing while reducing the potential risks associated with hazardous solvents.

Cleaner and More Efficient

The first step in replacing a vapor degreaser is understanding the various types of equipment now available. Today’s cleaning equipment incorporates sophisticated tools designed to increase cleaning and production efficiency. Systems like the JAYCO vacuum-assisted cleaning system  using JAYCO Chemical Solutions chemistry are one of the best ways to replace an open-top vapor degreaser with aqueous technology.

Once the equipment type has been determined, you next need to select the proper aqueous cleaner. Aqueous cleaners are formulated to have excellent soil removal abilities for both polar and non-polar soils. 

Ensure the selected aqueous replacing solvent cleaning solution can effectively penetrate, lift and emulsify a wide range of contaminants, including oils, greases and particulate matter that you may encounter. The cleaning solution should be designed to break down contaminants from intricate surfaces of components. 

This enables easy removal during subsequent rinsing steps.

Advanced Aqueous Replacing Solvent Cleaning

JAYCO Chemical Solutions has developed a line of engineered aqueous chemistries. These feature new surface-active technologies that are specifically developed to optimize the cleaning process. 

These advanced chemistries offer superior soil removal, rinsing, product stability and non-foaming capabilities. Explore the engineered aqueous solutions designed for efficient cleaning. These solutions are formulated to work in harmony with the cleaning equipment and provide enhanced performance and cleaning results.

The JAYCO-engineered aqueous solutions are primarily used in specific systems like JAYCO vacuum-assisted cleaning systems. However, they can also be effective in other cleaning systems, including standard rotary baskets, heavily turbulated immersion, cabinets, conveyor belts and auger spray wash systems. 

This versatility allows manufacturers to achieve consistent and exceptional cleaning performance across different equipment formats.

Utilize the right aqueous replacing solvent based on the type of metal being cleaned. Here are some examples:

  • JC 201C: This solution has a near-neutral pH level of 8 and is safe for use on all metals. It is designed for the removal of light to medium machining oils, particulate matter and lubricants.
  • JC 301CX: With a pH level of 12.0=12.5, JC 301CX offers multi-metal compatibility, including aluminum. It is designed for the removal of machining oils, particulate matter, lubricants, AM powder and FPI solutions.
  • JC 401C: This solution has a pH level of 12 and is formulated for ferrous metals, including steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys. It effectively removes machining oils, particulate matter, lubricants, AM powder and FPI solutions.
  • JC 601C: This process detergent has a pH level of 8.0-9.0 with built-in corrosion inhibitors for the removal of machining oils, coolants and stamping oils. Safe on ferrous and non-ferrous metals including most aluminum alloys.

Better Results 

By selecting the right aqueous degreaser and matching it with the appropriate equipment, you can successfully replace an open-top vapor degreasing process with an aqueous replacing solvent and achieve efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning results.

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