Vibratory Tumbling Solutions for Unmatched Results

Dependable burnishing and deburring compounds to streamline your operations and keep parts free of contaminants.

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You Can Count On Consistent Quality

We take pride in prompt delivery of consistent, high-quality products that get the job done every time. We work with customers in a wide range of industries and understand their individual cleaning and surface finishing requirements.

Surface Finishing and Accelerated Finishing Solutions

Increase productivity and save time with highly effective chemistries

Whether you’re looking to remove contaminants, add corrosion resistance or increase lubricity, JAYCO vibratory tumbling products are designed to maximize efficiency and reduce your processing time. We provide affordable mass finishing solutions to keep your operation running smoothly with the best possible outcome.

Vibratory Tumbling for Every Type of Metal

Our specially formulated cleaning products are developed for use with steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloy, aluminum, copper and brass.

aerospace industrial parts cleaning mass finishing solution
industrial cleaning solutions team at JAYCO

Every Step Comes With Exceptional Support

We offer unrivaled support and advisory services to help you choose the best products for your unique applications. Talk with our experts and chemists and request a complimentary part cleaning or surface finishing.

No Matter How You Need to Clean and Finish

JAYCO chemistries can help throughout the vibratory tumbling process, offering effective solutions for degreasing, deburring, polishing, cleaning, burnishing and general finishing. We also offer solutions that aid in inhibiting corrosion.