Mass Finishing

Mild alkaline general-purpose cleaning solution. Used for polishing, cleaning & general finishing. Contains a mild rust inhibitor, helpful in “Post Process” protection when dry.

Mild alkaline detergent for degreasing and deburring. Multi metal safe. Built-in short-term corrosion inhibitors. Can be used in recirculating applications.

Mild alkaline cleaner with mild burnishing properties.
Built-in short-term corrosion inhibitors for in-process rust protection. 

Steel burnishing compound with short term, built-in rust protection.
Used also for Step 2 of Accelerated Surface Finishing process.

Mild acidic burnishing compound. No diethanolamine.
Produces a lustrous finish on copper, brass, aluminum, die cast and stainless steel parts. 

Mild acidic burnishing compound. Can be used with steel media and capable of preventing corrosion of steel media overnight. Produces a lustrous finish on copper, brass, aluminum, die cast and stainless steel parts.

Near neutral cleaning compound. No diethanolamine, glycol ethers, or other solvents.
Suitable for most metals, ferrous & non-ferrous, with short term rust inhibition. 

Heavy-duty detergent using new low foam surface active technology.
Safe for steel, stainless steel, titanium & nickel alloys. 


Mildly acidic compound. Premium liquid product containing a blend of mild acids and
surface-active agents to reduce RS surface value on steel substrates.
JC 839L uses a two-step process sequence along with JC 680B

Steel burnishing compound with short term corrosion inhibition.
Used as Step 2 of the Accelerated Surface Finishing process. 

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