What Chemicals Are Good for A Vibratory Tumbler?

What Chemicals Are Good for A Vibratory Tumbler - JAYCO

If you’re in the medical, industrial, or optics industries, you know how important it is to mass-finish your products with vibratory tumbling. But you might be wondering how the process works, its potential applications, and the chemistry at work.

Let’s explore these topics in more detail:

What is a Vibratory Tumbler? How Does It Work?

Vibratory tumblers are the equipment used in the vibratory finishing process, which is one of the most common methods in mass finishing. The vibratory finishing process is used to clean, deburr, deflash, descale, and polish workpieces. It can enhance the bonding of coating, plating, and adhesive materials to the workpiece, typically performed after a machining process. 

It can also be used in slightly reducing the size or radius of irregularly shaped materials, and the workpiece maintains its original shape after the process, which cannot be achieved using manual polishing and deburring.

The process involves placing the workpieces and parts inside a tub filled with specially shaped pellets of media and then applying vibration force to all the tub’s contents. The tumbler’s motor then applies sufficient vibration force. 

The vibration causes the media and the workpieces to rub and grind against each other, aided by a specialty finishing chemical that is poured and maintained in the tub, polishing the workpieces.

Applications and Chemistry

As a working professional, you want to enhance your vibratory tumbling compounds finishing operations with technology-driven formulations. You have to balance streamlining operations with the need to meet demanding specifications. 

A common application of one of our products, JC 873L, is used for deburring and burnishing of several metals, including copper, brass, aluminum, aluminum die-cast, zinc, steel, stainless steel and plastic. With a 1-5% concentration and air drying process, you’ll prevent stainless steel corrosion overnight.

Here are some of JC 873L’s highlights:

  • Mildly acidic solution suitable for burnishing compound
  • Produces excellent color of parts
  • Excellent lubricity for roll of media
  • Can be used with steel media and will prevent corrosion of steel media overnight
  • Biodegradable
  • Diethanolamine free

Want a near-neutral cleaning compound for your vibratory tumbling needs? Consider JC 880R. It contains no diethanolamine, glycol ethers, or other solvents, and is suitable for most metals, ferrous and non-ferrous, with short-term rust inhibition qualities.

With copper, brass, aluminum, zinc and stainless steel surface compatibility and an 8.0-8.5 PH range, JC 880R offers built-in short-term corrosion inhibitors and is readily biodegradable, making it ideal for companies who want to achieve more results with less exposure to hazardous chemistries.

Next Steps

Want to learn more about JAYCO’s line of compounds for your vibratory tumbler specifications? Check out our page on the subject. We offer access to data sheets and safety data sheets on all of our chemical solutions and can send samples your way.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s our Clean With Confidence Plan:

  1. Tell us about your precision cleaning needs
  2. Take advantage of our highly effective finishing and cleaning chemical solutions
  3. Meet the strictest cleaning standards with unprecedented results

JAYCO Chemical Solutions is North America’s single-source provider of engineered cleaning solutions. From process analysis and application engineering to delivery and support, JAYCO improves operations for precision metal, medical, optical, UHV, space/aerospace and general manufacturing customers. For more information on JAYCO Chemical Solutions, our products and our markets, please call us at (814) 593-0022, or email us at info@jaycochem.com.

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